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Front Yard Garden Ideas to Beautify Your Home

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  • 2016

The front yard garden or landscaping is often one of the first details that people may notice about your home.

While we spend the majority of our time in the back yard, paying attention to the front is what can truly beautify the look of your Elburn area home. Are you doing everything you can to keep your front yard garden spruced up and looking great?

Below are some ideas for maintaining a front yard garden that can really make the look of your home pop. It can be something that improves the curb appeal and adds value to your home.

Front Yard Garden Ideas:

Flowers for multiple seasons – When it comes time to pick what flowers you plant in the front of your house, make sure you are represented well in the spring, summer and fall. That way there is something to look at and enjoy the majority of the year. Sources like Midwest Living or The University of Illinois Extension Center can help you determine the best flowers for your situation.

A statue or yard art – Often times what a front yard garden needs is some element to tie it together. A statue, spillway bowl, bubbling urn, or other form of garden ornament can be the perfect enhancement to your Elburn area front yard.

A wall or walkway – It may be time to get creative with your hardscaping in order to tie the look in with your house, and truly beautify your home. Pavers come in a variety of custom shapes, sizes and colors, and their usages are only limited by your creativity. A wall may be necessary if your yard is on a slope, but it can be creatively tied in with your home and your plants.

Native plantings – Using native plantings around your Elburn area home can make maintaining your front yard garden easier – while still looking great. Native plantings fit naturally into the northern Illinois climate, and will look great in your yard.

Do you have questions about front yard landscaping? It may be time to talk with a professional landscaper.