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Outdoor Kitchens Things to Consider

  • 11
  • 02
  • 2022

Are you considering installing an outdoor kitchen on your property? You’re not alone! Outdoor kitchens are more popular than ever. If the convenience and luxury of cooking outdoors appeals to you, there are many things you should consider before installing your outdoor kitchen. As you create your design, you’ll need to choose the right style and materials, the proper proximity to your house, methods for making shelter, and more.


Outdoor kitchens can be built-in styles ranging from classic to contemporary. As you’re deciding which style is right for your home, consider the style that your house was built in, and the style of the landscaping in your backyard. For best results, your outdoor kitchen should be stylistically similar to the rest of your house.

Integrate your new backyard kitchen into the rest of your home’s design by coordinating the materials used with other materials found in your home’s hardscaping, exterior siding, and more.


The shape of your outdoor kitchen makes a big difference in the type of meals that you can cook, the number of people you can serve, and more. One-sided kitchens are usually positioned against the wall of a house. They have small cooking areas for making meals for relatively small groups.

L-shaped kitchens provide a little more counter space, including counters where a few guests can sit. To make large meals and entertain lots of people, consider a U-shaped outdoor kitchen.


Some communities require changes like the outdoor installation to be permitted. Work with an experienced, qualified contractor to ensure that your outdoor kitchen is properly installed and that the right permits are pulled.

Failure to get a permit when one is required puts you, your household, and your property’s value at risk. It’s better to do the work by the book! If your outdoor kitchen doesn’t require a permit, a reputable contractor can let you know.


You’re going to want some shelter over your kitchen area to protect your food prep area, shelter your guests as they eat, and prevent the hot sun from making your cooking area uncomfortable.

There are many types of shelter that you can install including a pergola, canvas roof or even the overhang from your house. It’s important to ensure that your cooking area has proper ventilation to prevent your outdoor cooking area from filling with smoke when you cook. At the same time, you’re going to want to keep the hot sun off! Talk to your contractor to find out which options are best for your outdoor cooking area.

Seating Area

Don’t forget that if you’re entertaining friends and family, you’ll need a seating area where you can fit a table. Before choosing the size of the seating area, ask yourself how many people you’re likely to want to sit at a single time. Do you hold large parties every year, or plan to use your backyard kitchen exclusively for the people in your household? Know the answer to this question before choosing the right size seating area for your outdoor eating space.


You’re going to need solid ground on which your table can sit. The type of pavement you choose will have an impact on the aesthetics of your outdoor kitchen as well as the functionality. Some options include:

  • Concrete. Concrete pavement is an economical way to make a solid foundation for your outdoor kitchen.
  • Stamped concrete. Stamped concrete is more costly than standard concrete, but it’s also more attractive. Use stamped concrete to create a pattern that’s beautiful to behold.
  • Pavers. Pavers are easier to repair than concrete. When one cracks or becomes damaged, simply replacing the paver fixes the problem.
  • Bricks. Bricks have high-end beauty and, like pavers, can be easier to repair than concrete.

Not sure which type of pavement or foundation is right for your kitchen? Talk to your contractor to see what fits in your budget and will help you meet your goals.

Choose the Right Contractor

It’s so important to work with the right contractor when it comes to a big home improvement project like an outdoor kitchen installation. When you’re looking for a contractor to do this work, check references to ensure that they have worked with satisfied customers in the past. Also, check their portfolio to see the quality of the work they perform.

At BLC Yardworks, we provide a quality service to homeowners in the Yorkville IL area. To learn more about installing an outdoor kitchen on your property, call today.