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Add Useable Living Space to Your Home

There are many elements to a landscape. Three, in particular, come to mind. Water features, softscaping (anything to do with dirt and soft items) and hardscaping. What is hardscaping? Hardscaping can best be described as anything “hard” in your yard: concrete, bricks, stone, etc. Our team specializes in hardscaping– designing and building many different types of projects including walkways, outdoor kitchens, entryways or paver patios.

Check out a recent blog on creative paver ideas— to get an idea of just some of the work we offer.

Please view the aerial footage of our work.

Many homeowners have added usable living space to their homes with walkways, outdoor kitchens, entryways or paver patios and it is our job to help you see what your space is and how to use it for your maximum enjoyment and space capacities.

In addition to general brick installation for pathways and flooring, our professionals are also well-trained and experienced in the process of installing brick retaining walls, seat walls, fire pits, and full brick paver patios.

We also install pergolas, fire pits and gazebos—all to complete your outdoor living space.

Our experienced team will not only provide high quality installation, but also guarantee a high quality product as well. The materials we choose for your brick installation are all chosen according to high standards of quality, durability and aesthetic appeal, so you can count on a great value that satisfies your expectations.

When you choose BLC Yard Works, you will also have a large selection of styles, colors, and types of bricks to choose from. This wide selection ensures that you will find the perfect type of brick that fits well with the design of your outdoor area, as well as your preferences for maintenance, durability, and other important factors.