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Spring Cleanup Strategies to Beautify Your Home’s Landscape  

  • 09
  • 03
  • 2022


The promise of spring’s warming sunshine also means it’s time to prepare landscapes for revitalization. Home and commercial property owners would be well-served to set aside a weekend for a time-honored tradition — the spring cleanup.

Before considering any lawn maintenance and care, it’s essential to perform a cleanup of all your landscaping assets. Immaculate grounds require a wide range of cleanup and preparation measures. As experienced landscaping professionals serving the greater Yorkville, Oswego, and Montgomery, Illinois, areas, we recommend the following spring cleanup strategies.

Remove Winter Refuse

Old Man Winter typically leaves a mess that becomes abundantly clear during the spring thaw. Yard debris, animal dropping, and trash buried under snow and ice must be removed for your property to return to its eye-catching luster. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and do the following work.

  • Wear heavy gloves to remove dog dropping and trash.
  • Rake up dead grass and leaves.
  • Put on knee pads and remove debris from flower beds.
  • Cut back any dead stalks to promote healthy perennial growths.

The first wave of spring cleanup efforts can prove physically taxing. Remember to hydrate even though the Illinois weather is not necessarily hot or humid yet.

Prune Dead Limbs and Branches

It’s not uncommon for frigid winter temperatures to victimize otherwise hardy perennial shrubs and flowering trees. Frozen branches may not come back to life, and their existence threatens the overall health of your landscaping asset.

Thoroughly examine seemingly lifeless limbs and branches to determine whether they have a future. Rather than allow them to decay and invite pests, cut them back. If you decide tree limbs or relatively thick shrub branches require trimming, consider covering the exposed portion. This spring cleanup measure aims to help plant life succeed and protect it from invasive bugs.

Prepare Flower Beds for Growing Season

Established perennial flower beds typically require spring cleanup work and advanced preparation. Start by diligently removing any weeds that may have taken root. Carefully remove stems and roots without troubling your flowering assets.

With the space cleared of unwelcome weeds, consider adding compost to the soil. This technique supports healthy rejuvenation even if your flowering plants and greenery flourished last year. If you do not have a viable compost pile, organic fertilizers may be suitable.

Check product specifications and follow directions carefully to avoid burning your perennials. It’s typically wise to check with a landscaping professional regarding plant-compatible solutions.

Expand Flower Beds During Spring

Being in the midst of a thorough spring landscaping cleanup presents an opportunity to expand existing gardens or establish new ones. Consider taking a shovel and clearing away a section of lawn or underused space. Use a garden fork to loosen soil that clings to the underside of the grass section and return it to the bed.

If necessary, add soil to the new flower bed area to make it even with those already established. Turn over the ground to loosen it for perennial roots to flourish. Then, infuse your expanded garden with complimentary starter plants and water appropriately.

Put the Final Touches on Spring Cleanups

Once your property has been thoroughly cleaned up, and flower beds are ready to grow, it’s time to install new mulch. This landscaping strategy helps tamp down weed growths and buoy the soil’s moisture-retaining qualities. Along with a wide range of proven benefits, mulch enhances the natural beauty of a well-manicured landscape.

Contact A Spring Cleanup Professional You Can Trust

Spring cleanups tend to be labor-intensive and reduce the leisure time of working families. If your property needs attention, contact the experienced professionals at BLC Yardworks today.