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Why Frequent Raking is Important in the Fall

  • 02
  • 10
  • 2021

Frequent Raking and leaf removal can have a dramatic impact on the health of your Aurora area lawn. It should be part of any winterization regiment. Fall Happens– Frequent Raking Must Too! We all love the lush, beautiful fall colors....

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5 Things You Can Do in the Fall for a Greener Lawn

  • 06
  • 09
  • 2021

We tend to think of the fall as the planning and implementation time for creating a greener lawn. But there are things you can do this fall to keep your Yorkville area lawn green and improve its health for the future months. The look of your lawn in...

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Building An Outdoor Living Space – Patios Vs. Decks

  • 04
  • 08
  • 2021

The spring and summer months are just around the corner in the Aurora area, and now is the time of year when homeowners can be considering how to best enjoy the good weather outside. Your yard is likely the place where you will be experiencing the ou...

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