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The Facts about Winter Pond Care

  • 03
  • 01
  • 2022

As the days grow colder, keep the following issues in mind when considering winter pond care. First, your fish need a pond depth of at least 18-24” or more in order to successfully hibernate. If your pond does not meet this depth requirement, you wil...

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Why Winter is the Perfect Time to Evaluate Your Landscape Plan

  • 04
  • 12
  • 2021

If you have unfinished plans for your St. Charles area home, the winter can be the perfect time to gather some inspiration and review your landscape plan. It can be a great time to create the type of yard you can use for a stay-cation. As the calenda...

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Ten Tips for an Aurora Fall Pond Closing

  • 05
  • 11
  • 2021

Ten Tips for an Aurora Fall Pond Closing As part of your Aurora Fall Pond Closing, we recommend that you trim back hardy marginal aquatic plants to 2″ above the water to keep the dead foliage from drooping over into the pond. When you trim your aquat...

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