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Ready for a Clean Pond?

Pond maintenance is the key to keeping your pond clean and beautiful. Pond maintenance and pond cleaning services from BLC Yardworks can help you enjoy your pond more now and avoid costly repairs later! We offer a variety of pond maintenance options, from one-time cleanings to seasonal visits to monthly packages.

Spring Pond Cleanings

Almost everyone can use a pond cleaning! We recommend everyone get a thorough cleaning of their pond at least once a year, usually in the spring. Why is a thorough cleaning needed in an ecosystem pond? Organic matter builds up over time, especially in winter months.

When spring comes, the organic matter starts breaking down, using up the oxygen in the water and stressing the ecosystem. This can also lead to an abundance of algae. Pond cleanings and often beneficial bacteria treatments are recommended to help balance the ecosystem once again. For our spring visits, we drain and thoroughly rinse the pond, removing any residual debris.

Then we power wash the rocks and gravel, clean the filters and check all lights for proper functionality. We then clean and reconnect the pump if it is out of the water and detoxify the pond water, making it safe for the fish and plants.

Summer Pond Check-Up

We perform a visual checkup to make sure the pond is running smoothly. Bacteria and algae fix are added as needed, and all edges are checked.

Fall Shutdown & Winterization

Mid to late fall is a good time to winterize your water garden. BLC Yardworks will check your pump and filtration media, check edges, bleed out auto-fill lines, trim back your aquatic plants and net the pond. By taking advantage of this option, you can ensure an easy startup in the spring.