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Garden Ornaments Make Your Landscaping Unique

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  • 2020
garden ornaments

Photo credit: Aquascape

When you are planning your new garden, make sure you take some time to consider garden ornaments, in addition to the softscapes and native plantings.

These garden ornaments are what can truly make the exterior of your Naperville area home unique. There are some simple yard pieces that can be purchased at flea markets, antique shops, and in the garden sections of your local hardware store.

These simple objects can add a highly personal touch. But in addition to these artistic pieces, there are some objects you can include to incorporate water into the landscaping. If you select the right garden ornaments, it can turn your home into the type of place you’ll be itching to spend your stay-cation.

Additional Types of Garden Ornaments

Spillway Bowls 

A spillway bowl can add a unique look to your Naperville area landscaping. It is a unique and beautiful bowl that will give your garden area a distinguished look.

These bowls also fit together in countless ways, so you have a lot of flexibility incorporating them into your softscapes.

Bubbling Urns  

Bubbling urns are another great way to beautify the look of your Naperville area garden.

They have a unique design that can tie a landscape together, providing a beautiful focal point.

Rain Barrels

A decorative rain barrel saves rain water for later use, and also provides a beautiful focal point for your softscapes.


When it comes to picking the right garden ornaments for your lawn, there are a variety of options. You can take a look at the lawns in your neighborhood, and the internet for ideas.

If you are looking for additional ideas, contact a Naperville area landscaper today!