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How to Winterize Your Lawn

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  • 2019

Just like any other live plant, the grass in your lawn needs to be cared for in order to thrive, and for your Batavia-area lawn to look good.

Winterizing your lawn plays a big role in the overall health of the grass. The winter temperatures are a shock to our system, and they are an overwhelming shock to your grass, as well.

There are several steps you can take in order to properly care for, and winterize your lawn.


It’s important to mow your lawn at a half-inch above recommended levels for both the summer and the fall. This gives the root system a chance to take hold, even as the cold weather sets in.


The fall months are always a good time to fertilize your lawn. You can spread fertilizer with a spreader. Use caution and read the contents of the bag. More fertilizer than the recommended amounts can damage your lawn.

Aerating Your Lawn

Aeration reduces soil compaction and makes improves results if you are planning to plant seed. The infiltration of fertilizer, seed, sunlight and water deeper into the soil system can be a significant benefit to your lawn. The grass will significantly improve in health from this step, and you should see significant results from this next summer.


It’s important to clear your lawn from leaves and other debris before the winter months set in. The leaves can suffocate the grass, causing further complications.


Make sure that you are giving your lawn the attention it deserves as the seasons change. Properly caring for the grass, and taking these steps to winterize your lawn can have a tremendous impact in its health. If you are looking for ways to improve your Batavia area lawn this season, contact a professional landscaper.