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Buying Native Plantings in Illinois

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  • 2015

Native plantings offer a variety of advantages when it comes to gardening, in the Aurora area and around Illinois. They can be easier to maintain, use less water, and are generally better for the local environment. As you consider the types of landscaping you would like around your home, native plantings make a wonderful choice.

Native plantings have a pretty simple definition. They are the plants that were found growing wild at the point that scientific collection began in that area. Other plants would be considered introduced.

A few words of caution are necessary before selecting the right native plantings for your home, however. Just because a plant is native does not mean that it will be an ideal fit for your garden. Some native plantings are still aggressive in nature. Some native plantings will require more sun, shade or water than others. It is still wise to do your homework on what will work in your particular garden.

In order to do this, you can talk with a reputable landscaper. They will have a great idea on what Illinois native plantings will work for you. As a general reminder, picking native plantings in the wild can be illegal. So make sure you get the seeds and plants from a reputable source.

If you are looking to get an idea of what plants are native to Illinois, the University of Illinois Extension Center has a wonderful reference guide. There are some very well known types of flowers that are native, such as Black Eyed Susans, Wild Petunias and Poppies.

There is a large variety of native plantings available in the Illinois region. They can be a great way to spruce up a garden, offer some fresh landscaping, or generally add new life to a lawn.

If you are looking to add native plantings around your home, contact a local landscaper today.