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Installing a Bubbling Urn in Your Garden

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  • 2015

Photo Credit: Aquascape

We all want a place to relax. We want a place where we can get away from the daily grind of our lives and just enjoy some peace and quiet.

The ideal solution is turning our Elburn-area backyard into the perfect location for a stay-cation. For some that might mean a large pond, and everything that comes with it. Ponds are great, but they do require some upkeep and can have more expenses attached. Adding a bubbling urn to your garden might be an ideal way to bring a water feature into your yard, if you’re not looking for all a pond entails.

Bubbling urns are simpler and smaller. Bubbling urns accentuate your garden with the beauty of water without having the regular upkeep entailed with a pond.

Planting and building a garden can be a great way to turn your backyard into a place to spend more time. Incorporating native plantings can give it a beautiful look with a strong appeal. A bubbling urn can serve as the perfect added touch to give your garden some color and truly beautify the outside of your home.

Selecting a Location for Your Bubbling Urn 

You’ll want to put a little consideration into the location for your bubbling urn. Is it somewhere you can see from inside the house? Can you see it from the patio? You’ll also want to select a location that is fairly level so that it can best hold the water.

The Do It Yourself landscapers can easily install a bubbling urn on their own. It’s a matter of digging the reservoir and installing the correct pump and flexible piping. A professional landscape company can also help you out with the new addition to your garden.

A bubbling urn can make your Elburn area garden stand out nicely! If you have any further questions on bubbling urns, contact us today. We would love to continue the conversation.