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Aquascape Vs. Helix Ponds

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  • 2015

A Koi pond is a great way to liven up your Batavia-area backyard. It is a great way to turn your backyard into the ideal spot to escape your stresses and enjoy a stay-cation. Aquascape and Helix are two of the leading pond companies in the Koi pond industry.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a backyard pond. Do you know how to install it yourself, or should you ask a professional landscaper to do it for you? How big of pond do you want, and what kind of filtration system are you looking for? 


Aquascape ponds cater to both the professional pond installer and the backyard enthusiast, and Do-It-Yourself installer. They have some excellent installation videos online, designed to make the experience easier.

Aquascape offers a wide variety of resources to both contractors and homeowners. They carry all the products you’ll need including kits, filters, fish care products, plant care products, and much more. They are also a local company, based out of St. Charles.


Helix is a California-based water feature company that carries a wide-ranging line of pond products that includes pumps, filters, skimmers and more. Their products can help backyard pond enthusiasts produce a fish-friendly and well-balanced natural environment.

Their products are easy to install and can greatly benefit the outdoor pond owner.

Self Installation Vs. Professional Installation

Outdoor ponds come can either come in a DIY kit, or be professionally installed. Which direction you go depends on your time and your DIY capabilities. A professional installation will help ensure that you receive the best possible product that will require minimal maintenance down the road.

A backyard pond is a great way to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your own home. Contact a professional landscape company with pond installation experience today, to find out what kind of pond is right for your home, or to continue the conversation.