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Unilock Vs. Belgard Pavers – Which are Right for You?

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  • 2020

When it comes to building the ideal patio or outdoor landscaping, it is natural for people to want to compare Unilock vs Belgard pavers to see which is right for their home.

Pavers offer a number of distinct advantages when building a patio, pool deck, walkway or any other outdoor landscaping. When it comes to creating the ideal spot for your Oswego area stay-cation, it is important to do your research. Pavers are far more durable than a wood deck for example, and offer an aesthetic appeal over poured concrete.

Both offer distinct advantages that make them a great choice.

Unilock vs Belgard Pavers

The Unilock and Belgard websites both list some distinct advantages that make them ideal choices for your website. The paver you decide to go with may depend on your individual project, and the advantages that will matter to you. There are a lot of advantages to consider when determining whether to go with Unilock vs Belgard pavers.

Unilock Advantages

Installation – Natural stone may have a beautiful look and appeal to it, but the inconsistencies make it a difficult medium to work in. Each paver has a manufactured consistency to it, making it an easier medium for installation purposes.

Design – More models, makes and colors give homeowners and landscapers more design options. Pavers give people the ability to be more creative in their outdoor space. This is important to consider when determining whether to go with Unilock vs Belgard pavers.

Guarantees – Pavers can come with a guarantee, but stone is a natural material, backing it with a guarantee is not a common practice.

Repairs – Because the pavers are more uniform, individual repairs become easier. Concrete is often used to install flagstone, which makes individual repairs complicated.

Belgard Advantages

Durability – Wood decks or pool sides will fade and splinter. Concrete slabs often crack. Brick shifts. Natural stone splinters and breaks. Pavers are more durable, and resistant to any of these natural causes of wear and tear.

Non slip – Bare feet on a wet surface can be dangerous, especially when children are involved. Belgard pavers are slip resistant.

Flexibility – With the wide range of paver options available, there are styles available to match the specific outdoor conditions around your home. There are always ways to make it blend into the surrounding natural environment.

Overlay – There are paver options that can be placed over an existing concrete pool to compliment the existing conditions. This can offer a new look.

Are you looking for some paver options for an upcoming project at home? When it comes to evaluating Unilock vs Belgard pavers we have the solution for you. Contact a professional landscaping company in Oswego today!