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Building An Outdoor Living Space – Patios Vs. Decks

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  • 2021
Outdoor Living Space

The spring and summer months are just around the corner in the Aurora area, and now is the time of year when homeowners can be considering how to best enjoy the good weather outside.

Your yard is likely the place where you will be experiencing the outdoors most frequently, and building the ideal outdoor living space can help you to accomplish just that. Most people go one of two directions when it comes to their functional outdoor living space – a patio or a deck.

Patios hold several advantages when it comes to a functional outdoor living space. First and foremost, a patio is more durable than a deck. Stone, concrete and other outdoor patio building materials are made to withstand the tough Aurora area weather patterns.

The paint or stain on decks can fade over time, even if they are weather proofed. Those cold, sub zero temperatures, and extended periods of rain are tough on some of the most durable woods. A deck that looks beautiful after being built will begin wearing down over the course of rough weather.

Boards can also pop or come loose, making them hazards, especially for dogs or young children. While decks look elegant and beautiful, and can really compliment the feel of a house, they require much more upkeep for the above reasons.

The Advantage of Patios for an Outdoor Living Space

Patios require little maintenance or upkeep after installation. They are also more affordable than the wood and labor involved in building a deck.

Patios lend themselves to further outdoor living area enhancements such as a built in fire pit, outdoor kitchen or various water features. These features can make your  outdoor living space a great enhancement for your home.

For the DIYers out there you can learn how to build an outdoor living area from an online tutorial, such as this one on Bob Villa’s website. There are also easier ways to hire a professional landscaping company to help you finish the project.

Do you have further questions about patios or building the optimal outdoor living space for your Aurora-area home? Contact us today!