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5 Things You Can Do in the Fall for a Greener Lawn

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  • 2021

We tend to think of the fall as the planning and implementation time for creating a greener lawn. But there are things you can do this fall to keep your Yorkville area lawn green and improve its health for the future months.

The look of your lawn in the spring can be heavily impacted by the work you put into it in the fall.

Below are five things you can do right now, in the fall to keep your Yorkville area lawn looking great:

Fall Tips for a Greener Lawn 

Rake often – Do you have several trees that drop large amounts of leaves in the fall? Many lawns contain grasses that thrive in the cooler, fall weather. When they are left under fallen leaves, or other yard debris, they naturally struggle. When you rake and keep your lawn clear, you are giving your lawn a better chance to succeed.

Mow Low – In a few weeks, when it’s time for the final mows of the year, you can do so with the blade as low as possible. This allows more sun to hit the grass, and can keep it from looking so brown and dormant over the winter months.

Fertilize – Fall is the most important time to fertilize your lawn. Use a spreader tool and make sure that it is as evenly spread as possible.

Kill those weeds – Weeds are busy pulling the nutrients they need to survive from the soil during the fall months. You can combat this by using a weed killer/fertilizer or treating problem areas with a herbicide. Killing weeds can help ensure a healthier lawn in the spring months.

Water – While you won’t need to use as much water as during the spring and summer months, a fall watering schedule can help keep your lawn healthy and thriving.

Greener Lawn Care

Caring for your lawn is not just a spring and summer endeavor. Keeping a greener lawn requires a fall regiment of care. If you are looking for additional help or ideas for keeping a greener lawn, contact a professional landscaper today.