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What is Involved in Owning a Pond?

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Owning a pond can bring you a place for peace and tranquility in your Oswego-area backyard. It can turn your home into a place you want to spend time for a stay-cation.

Building a pond, and including a water garden in and around it can bring nature to your home.

But to be honest, ponds are probably not for everybody. Ponds are an expense that requires a certain level of commitment in order to keep them in optimal shape down the road.

Is Owning a Pond Right for You?

Pond Installation

There are plenty of people who are able to install a pond on their own, which can help you keep some of the initial cost down. However, professional pond installation can help ensure there are no problems down the road, keeping the cost down in the long term. This can be a large part of the up front cost of owning a pond.


Pond installation can require following certain safety measures. You probably want to check with your city or village to make sure they don’t require a fenced in yard. You are installing a body of water on your property, so it is best to be safe. If you have children, you’ll want to consider their safety as well. Make sure if any children fall in, they have a way to exit.

Location, Location, Location 

Maybe your choices for pond location are somewhat limited by the configuration of your backyard. If you have a choice, consider locating it in a place you’ll have the best view. Trees can increase maintenance time, when the leaves fall into the water.

Long Term Maintenance

A pond will need to be cleaned on a regular basis. You will also need to monitor the chemical levels in the water, especially if there are fish involved. A professional pond installation can help you save money on future maintenance costs.


Selecting a standard pond kit can save you time and money on the installation and liner. A custom pond shape requires more installation work, and a custom pond liner would no longer fit. The larger the pond, the more expensive the installation will be.

Owning a Pond in the Oswego Area

Do you have questions about professional pond installation or just owning a pond in the Oswego area? Contact your local landscape company for assistance.