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Installing an Aquascape Pond

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  • 2015

Water features, such as an Aquascape pond, can enhance the look of your Plainfield area back yard. Adding a pond in your back yard can make it a beautiful scenic place for your stay-cation.

There are some simple steps to follow for installing your Aquascape pond. Should you need further instructions, there are resources available through Aquascape, or you can hire a local landscape company to assist you with supplies and installation.

Here are the steps to installing an Aquascape pond:

Choose size and location – It is important to consider how much of your back yard you want to devote to a new pond. The larger the pond and the more elaborate the design, the more scenic it may look. It also equates to less lawn to mow and upkeep. You’ll also want to make sure that the pond is located in a spot where you can get the most enjoyment.

The garden hose outline – Your garden hose is the best way to outline the border for your pond. Simply lay it out in the shape that you want your pond to look.

Dig the hole – Follow the pattern of the hose and dig the hole in the shape that you want your pond. You’ll want to make sure that the excavation is level for the best installation.

Installing the underlayment – The underlayment and liner rest over the hole that you dug. You can then add rock and gravel around the pond and the edges, to give it a more natural look and feel.

Fill the pond – The pond can be filled using a hose.

Landscaping around the pond – The landscaping around the pond also contributes to the natural look and feel. Adding mulch and plants around the edge can give it a more natural appearance.

Enjoy your new pond. You’ll be ready for backyard retreats in no time. They can certainly add to the outdoor beauty of your home, and in some cases increase the value.

Looking for help installing your Aquascape pond? Contact a Plainfield-area landscaping company today!