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Installing Outdoor Fire Pits

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  • 2015

With the warm weather in the Yorkville area, what better way to spend some time outside than with a fire pit? Your home can become a centralized place in the neighborhood for friends and family to gather.

Outdoor fire pits can be a great reason to spend the summer nights at home. They are a great way enjoy a stay-cation.

Why install outdoor fire pits? 

An outside fire in the summer can be a great feature if you are looking to relax and enhance your outdoor living space. Fire pits are priced affordably (generally between $1,100-$1,300 when hiring a professional) and are not too difficult to install. You can either do it yourself in an afternoon, or contact a Yorkville area landscaping company to help.

Fire pits are seen as a great way to enhance your home. They can even mean added value to the right potential owner. It can help set your home apart from the other homes in the neighborhood.

Finding the right fire pit

Fire pits are available in a variety of sizes and materials. Patio fire pits can be built with a variety of types of stone, clay, or fire-resistant brick. This type of fire pit becomes part of the patio design, and can add to the appeal of your home.

Smaller, portable fire pits can also be used, and carried to whatever location on the patio or lawn that you choose to use it.

Using your fire pit

A fire pit is great for any social gathering. It offers a reason to be outside, and it serves as a great gathering point. It is a great reason to break away from the television and interact. In the colder months it can also be used as a source of warmth.

Fire pits can also serve a very practical purpose. If you have a grate that fits over, you can use the pit as a barbeque. Your food will taste more flavorful being cooked over an open flame. An installed fire pit will likely have a larger surface than your grill, allowing you to cook more food at one time.

Fire pits don’t need to only be used on nights when you have company over. They can just as easily be used on the quiet nights when it is just you or your family looking to relax and unwind.

Do you have additional questions about outdoor fire pits? Are you looking for help with the installation process? Contact us today to talk further!