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5 Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

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  • 2021

Avoiding a few simple landscaping mistakes can help you keep some curb appeal around your Oswego area home.

Your front and back yard say a lot about your house and can offer you significant amounts of enjoyment. Some simple upkeep can keep them looking great.

Avoid These 5 Landscaping Mistakes To Keep Your Yard Looking Great:

Planning for one season – You can stagger the bloom time throughout your landscaping in order to maximize the impact of your flower beds. Or, if your flower beds mainly bloom in the spring, consider some planters with strong fall plants to keep things popping.

Mismatched Hardscapes – Above all else, your hardscapes (patio, walkways, driveway) should enhance the look of your Oswego area home. They should not compete for your visual attention, or give off a disjointed feel. A professional landscaper can help ensure your hardscapes will enhance the look of your home.

Not Considering Patio Usage – When you build a patio and other hardscapes, it’s important to consider how you’ll want to use it. If you are planning for parties, a large surface area with an outdoor kitchen and built in fire pit will give you something to enjoy. Conversely, a nearby pond, tree or flower garden can allow you to appreciate nature from your own backyard.

Overcrowding – It’s tempting to shoot for a little bit of everything as you plant your garden. This is a landscaping mistake that can cause plants to die if they don’t receive enough sunlight or water. Make sure that what you plant can survive the elements. If you’re looking for a heartier selection, consider native plantings.

Ignoring upkeep – It doesn’t take much for your flower beds and vegetable gardens to be overtaken by weeds. Make sure that you are ridding them as you find them. Make sure that you are fertilizing, and keeping up with simple repairs that will keep the aesthetics of your yard looking beautiful. This is a common landscaping mistake, but one that is easy to avoid.

Your yard is an ideal place to spend the majority of your outdoor time. Make sure you are doing everything you can to keep it looking beautiful. Avoiding some simple, and common landscaping mistakes can help ensure you have a place to enjoy all year long. Want some simple landscaping help? Consider hiring a professional landscaper.