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Modern Landscape Design Ideas

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  • 2016

A modern landscape design can bring an uncluttered look of sophistication to your Geneva area home. It can make your yard and home the ideal place for a late summer stay-cation.

It can be a great way to compliment a modern looking home, or provide a welcome juxtaposition to a more traditional home. Modern landscape design tends to focus on straight edges with an uncluttered look. Because of this focus, it typically has more to do with the look of the patio hardscape than what the garden or plants are doing.

Modern landscape can focus on bringing the patio into balance with the rest of the look of the yard. It focuses on using on using rectangles and squares to get a desired look, and doesn’t stray off into creative shapes or patterns. A variety of pavers and paver colors can be used, but gray tends to be a frequent theme.

A modern landscape design can incorporate hardscape walkways or paths into the look and design around the home – but the paths should also operate on straight lines.

The softscape, or plants that are used in a modern landscape design can be used to create contrast. For example, maybe they are popping out of a concrete planting bed. Furniture cushions sometimes tend to be bright colors for the same reason, to make the atmosphere pop with color.

Are you looking for a way to make a modern landscape design work for your Geneva area home? A professional landscaper can help you create the environment that works for you.