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Ideas for Improving Your Lawn, Garden, and Other Softscapes

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  • 2016

Maintaining a naturally beautiful yard, with well-maintained softscapes will make your outside time more enjoyable in your Geneva-area home.

Softscapes essentially refer to any horticulture element of your yard – so your lawn, gardens, trees and other natural elements make up your home’s softscapes. The right plantings, along with weed prevention and lawn maintenance can help keep your softscapes in an enjoyable condition.

Here are some ideas for improving your softscapes:  

Consider native plantings – Native plantings are easier to maintain because they were originally grown in the Midwest and greater Illinois area. They take to the natural climate and can grow with a minimal level of maintenance and care.

Killing weeds – Consider a bottle of Preen or other weed killer to prevent weeds from growing in your flowerbeds. You’ll be able to take back your weekend afternoons and not have to worry about the unwanted, invasive plants destroying your creations. There are also more natural ways to go after weeds as well.

Fertilize – Fertilizing will help your yard come in strong. The thicker and healthier the grass, the less likely you will be dealing with crab grass, dandelions, creeping Charlie, and other unwanted lawn guests. Many fertilizers also come in a weed killer form.

A Pond or Water Feature – A pond can give you something truly beautiful to look at, but it’s not for everyone. While bringing water into your softscape can give it a more natural feel, there are some basic maintenance issues involved. Bubbling urns, spillway bowls and other simple water features can be great ways to incorporate that water directly into the softscape at a smaller level.

A container garden – If space is an issue or you are looking for a way to enhance the look of your patio, a container garden can be a great way to bring some of the natural look to your yard.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to improving the softscapes around your Geneva area home. Are you looking for ideas more specific to your living area? Contact a professional landscaper today!