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How to Prevent Weeds

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  • 2016

It can be an ongoing battle to prevent weeds during the warm, Oswego summer. Sometimes it happens like clockwork. We plant the flowers we want to see. We water. We watch them grow.

But those weeds we didn’t want to see keep making their way above the soil line. Pretty soon our weekends can be consumed in the weed prevention battle. Don’t fret. There are steps you can take to return your Oswego area yard back to normal, and take back your weeding time.

Easy Tips to Prevent Weeds

Mulching – The weeds can’t grow if they never see the light of day. Mulch has a lot of great benefits in moisture retention, but it also is effective at smothering your weeds before they ever have the chance to take hold. Mulch can keep your gardens looking nice while keeping away your unwanted guests.

Boil – An alternative way to kill your unwanted weeds is to boil them. Bring some boiling water outdoors and dump it over your weeds. Just watch your exposed skin. You don’t want to burn yourself in the process.

Grow Your Plants Closer – You can grow your plants closer together, and prevent weeds from having the room to sprout. Ground cover plants can be extremely effective at this, and offer a natural cover over the soil, making it difficult for weeds seeds to prosper.

Lop them off at the head – In order to prevent weeds from spreading, you can cut them off at the head to prevent them from spreading seeds.

Don’t let these unwanted garden guests ruin your landscaping experience. There are plenty of ways to  rid your precious flower gardens and keep your yard looking nice. If you have questions on how to prevent weeds, or other improvements to your gardens and softscapes, contact a professional landscape designer today.