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Hardscaping Tips for Your Back Yard

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  • 2016

Most people spend the majority of their time at home. During the beautiful Naperville-area summers, it makes sense that people want to be outdoors. That’s what makes your home’s hardscaping (patios, walkways and other “hard” features) so important. They are an integral part of the total enjoyment of your home, especially if you are looking for the ideal stay-cation.

Below are some hardscaping tips to turn your yard into the type of place you want to spend some time.

5 Back Yard Hardscaping Tips

Design to the features of your home – Whatever you decide on for hardscaping in your backyard, make sure that it compliments the natural features of your home. Consider how the materials work together as you plan. Flower beds and additional landscaping can help give your hardscapes and your home a more natural exterior.

Keep function and comfort in mind – Your hardscapes can be a natural place for your family to spend some time. They can be a place where you gather with friends. If you will be enjoying the evening weather, consider a built in fire pit. A fire pit can also be the element that allows you to enjoy your patio in the cooler seasons. If you know you’ll be cooking some meals, consider and outdoor kitchen. Add some comfortable furniture.

Have some fun with it – Is there a design or idea that might be unique to your home or the natural area around it? Don’t be afraid to try something new that can give your hardscapes a unique feel. Look at your yard and your hardscaping with an objective look, and ask yourself how you would improve on it. A professional landscaper can help you determine the best ways to take advantage of the natural area around your home.

Consider mixing stonework – Mixing different types of stones can create a visually appealing and creative look. It can be the design element that will make your hardscaping stand out and tie your backyard together.

Consider your lifestyle – Think long and hard about how you want to use your outdoor hardscapes. Will it be a recreational area for young children, or offer a secluded place to get some reading done? When you keep use in mind, it can drive the necessary design elements.

Are you looking for more hardscaping tips to create a backyard where you can easily spend more time? A professional landscaper can help you with the right hardscape design for your Naperville area home.