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Pond Landscaping for a More Natural Look

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  • 2016

Pond landscaping or “pondscaping” goes a long way in determining how well your water feature fits into the immediate surroundings around your Aurora area home. How well you incorporate your pond into the backyard can help determine how much time you want to spend at your home on your stay-cation.

A random body of water, no matter how small, can feel out of place in a suburban lawn without the right planning. Below are a few considerations for effective pond landscaping for a natural look.

Pond Location

One of the first things you want to consider to give your pond the right look, is the location in your yard. Is there an area of your lawn that already has some trees and landscaping in place? Do you have a favorite area of your yard that would be good for spending time? This might be the right area to install a pond. Trees around the pond can have their advantages, but they will eventually involve more maintenance.

Pond Shape

Many ponds come in standard shapes, and those will be the easiest for installation purposes. Pond kits are going to have parts designed to fit a specific size and shape. They’ll have liners designed to fit that shape. Following those guidelines can make the pond installation process easier. But a custom shape that goes well with the back yard can give your pond a more natural look. Ponds in nature have a unique look, and if yours does too, the extra installation work can make the long run more enjoyable.

Native Plantings

Consider using native plantings and natural stones around the edges of your pond. This will create a native and natural look for your pond. The native plantings are often easier to maintain because there is less care involved. A professional landscaper can help you discover what plants go well in a water environment.


Are you considering a pond in the near future? Taking the time up front to create a more native and natural environment results in more enjoyment down the road. Do you have questions? Contact a professional landscaper today.