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What Kind of Hardscapes Are Right For My Yard?

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  • 2015

What is hardscaping?


Let’s start with a simple definition. Hardscaping is best thought of as anything that covers up the upper level of soil. In a residential setting this could mean patios, walkways, and retaining walls. If you are looking to enhance your St. Charles area yard, developing the right hardscapes can help.

All of these projects can be part of creating a home environment that is ideal for a stay-cation. As you consider how to build or enhance your existing hardscapes, make sure that you consider drainage. You do not want to build anything where water puddles. This can damage nearby infrastructure, and create areas where mosquitoes gather. A professional landscaper can help ensure you build your hardscapes properly.



A nice patio will translate into the area that the family spends the most time outside. Materials go a long way in establishing the quality of your patio. Unilock and Belgard are great places to start for pavers.

The patio is a great place to add some outdoor amenities. An outdoor kitchen will add some appeal and functionality to your patio. With a nice outdoor kitchen, you won’t be running back and forth between the indoors and outdoors. It can also prevent you from heating up the kitchen on an already hot day.

Your patio may also be a nice place to have a fire pit or water feature. Both of these will make your outdoor time more enjoyable. It can also be a great lookout spot to enjoy a pond, or the general serenity of your backyard.



Whether you go with a few well-placed patio stones, or a more sophisticated paver system, a walkway can really tie separate elements in your backyard together. Make sure it goes well with the patio, house and everything else in the backyard environment.


Retaining Walls

Sometimes retaining walls simply make a nice feature for your yard. In a functional sense, retaining walls can help prevent erosion. If you decide to build one for your yard, make sure that it drains properly, however. Water can gather quickly otherwise, damaging the materials you used.

Are you looking for any hardscape projects in your St. Charles area home? Hiring a professional landscaper can help you ensure that the job is done right.