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How to Landscape Your Suburban Yard

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  • 2016

One key to being able to garner the full enjoyment out of your Oswego area yard is having the proper landscaping in place. The idea of how to landscape your yard can be subjective, and depend on your individual taste, but there are certain principles that hold true no matter the situation. If you want to get the most use out of your yard for the next stay-cation, here are some practical tips.

Below are a few tips for how to landscape your yard:

Make sure your landscaping fits your surroundings – Your patio, walkways and other landscaping should not compete with the natural surroundings. So make sure you choose a design that compliments the trees and plants in your yard. Make sure the materials and designs of your hardscaping don’t clash with your house.

You don’t have to do it all at once – Many people have a vision for the end product, which may look considerably different than it does now. Whether the main cost is time or money, the net result can be overwhelm. Landscaping changes can be done a little bit at a time. Maybe one year you add the patio, and the next year you add the outdoor kitchen. It doesn’t have to all happen at once.

Pay attention to design principles – It’s important to have a strong, general idea of what you want when it comes to how to landscape your suburban yard. Understand what elements make up a modern landscape design. Don’t be afraid to get creative as you lay down the patio pavers. There are thousands or millions of examples all over the Internet. Take a look and find what works for you, and take ideas from that.

Consider function – What are you going to want to use your space for? Is your patio going to be for you to read and spend some time in isolation? Or, are you going to want to host parties? There is no wrong answer here, but if you have a general idea on the main usage, it can help dictate how to landscape your yard.

It is easy to get caught up in planning the interior of your home and overlook your yard. But your yard can be one of the greatest sources for recreational enjoyment. It can be the difference between liking and truly loving your Oswego area home. Make your yard a true place for enjoyment!

If you are looking for more landscaping ideas, or someone to help with your next project, contact a professional landscape designer today!