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Installing a Water Feature

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  • 2015

Installing a water feature can create a beautiful look for any Yorkville-area backyard. It can turn an average backyard into the type of place that is ideal for a stay-cation.

The term water feature can refer to backyard ponds, bubbling urns, spillway bowls or any other type of water display. All of these can be installed by a professional landscape company, or the do-it-yourselfers can install them on their own. Whether you choose to install on your own or hire a professional landscape company, there are several considerations to make.

Water Feature Size

A pond can seem large until you are done with the installation, and then you may realize that it is smaller than you were anticipating. Take an extra look at your backyard and make sure that your installation is exactly what you were looking for. A professional landscape company can give you insight on selecting the right size pond. One bonus is the larger the pond that you install, the less lawn that will need to be mowed.

When installing a water feature, it is also good to consider shape. If you go with a custom shape when installing a water feature, you won’t be able to find a pre-fit pond liner.

Consider Surrounding Landscape

No matter the type of water feature, you will want to consider the surrounding landscape. With a backyard pond, some rocks, shrubbery and flowers can give a more scenic, natural look and feel. With bubbling urns or spillway bowls, they may look best strategically placed in the garden. Installing a water feature should come with careful consideration of the surrounding aesthetics and environment.

Consider Future Maintenance

Ponds require a certain level of cleaning and maintenance. It’s the only way to keep them looking pristine. Installing water features that are smaller, such as the bubbling urns or spillway bowls can give you that same pristine look in a smaller and more manageable package.

It’s important to understand what you desire out of your backyard water feature, and have realistic expectations about how much future maintenance you are willing to perform. Do you have more questions about installing a water feature? Contact us today, and we can help!