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4 Front Yard Landscape Ideas to Enhance Your Home

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  • 2016

These front yard landscape ideas can beautify the exterior of your Naperville area home.

While making backyard landscaping enhancements is important for turning your home into the ideal place for a stay-cation, your front yard is extremely important as well.

It is what you see every time you pull into and out of your driveway. It is what your neighbors see from across the street. It helps give your home a more elegant comforting feeling before you ever walk through the front door.

Making front yard enhancements helps your home to stand out in your neighborhood, and can help the resale value of your home.

Front Yard Landscape Ideas To Beautify Your Home

A Raised Flower Bed – Does your front yard have a slight slope to it? You could use brick pavers to create a raised flowerbed hugging the exterior of your home. The pavers are available in a variety of colors, and can be placed in a variety of patterns to achieve a look that will match your home. Belgard and Unilock both have excellent paver products.

Adding More to Your Gardens and Landscaping – Are you looking for the perfect ornamental touch to add to your flower garden or landscaping? A bubbling urn or spillway bowl might be the perfect way to give your front yard a more elegant feel. Some other frequently added objects include benches, rain barrels and garden stakes.

Use Native Plantings – Are you planting and doing some front yard landscaping this spring? You might want to consider using native plantings in your front yard flowerbed. Native plantings offer a wide array of beautiful choices, and tend to be more durable because they are from the region.

Adding a Koi Pond or Other Water Feature– Do you have a large front yard with vast areas of open grass? A Koi pond might be the perfect way to beautify your front yard. Koi ponds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, or can be built on a custom basis. They don’t take a lot of work to maintain, and can distinguish the look of your home.

Do you have other front yard landscape ideas? Are you looking for help with your front yard landscaping efforts? BLC can help. Contact us today.