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Bubbling Urns vs. Spillway Bowls

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  • 2016

Spillway Bowl Photo Credit: Aquascape

Bubbling urns vs. spillway bowls – sometimes a patio or garden just needs an added touch, and both are viable options. A pondless water feature such as these can enhance the look and feel around your Yorkville-area home.

Ponds are a great option, but they sometimes require a bit more of a budget, or a bit more maintenance than originally anticipated. Sometimes there’s not enough usable space to install a pond. Whichever the case, the decision of bubbling urns vs. spillway bowls may come into play.

Decisions, Decisions – Bubbling Urns vs. Spillway Bowls 

Both bubbling urns and spillway bowls can drastically enhance the look of a patio or the look of a garden. Sometimes your landscaping needs more than just the look of a flower bed. Sometimes your landscaping can use the added touch of water, without the massive maintenance.

Bubbling urns can enhance the look of any landscaping or native planting flower garden. They can be a perfect added touch, or a decorative centerpiece in your garden. They are also a great way to incorporate the tranquility of moving water into the landscaping around the exterior of your home. Just having that moving water in your back yard area can make it a more relaxing environment.

Neither the bubbling urn or the spillway bowl require much maintenance, so they become convenient choices for that reason.

One significant difference between bubbling urns and spillway bowls is the way that they can be used, however. Multiple spillway bowls can be combined to create large displays of moving water into the landscape around your Yorkville-area home. They can be used in both simple or elaborate designs to compliment the landscaping.

Are you looking for ways to incorporate water into the landscaping around your home? Contacting a professional landscaper can be the perfect way to get the ideas you are looking for, and ensure a quality installation. Contact us for more information!