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Tips for Planting a Flower Garden

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  • 2016

The Chicago weather is finally warming up, and it’s time to put your flower garden plans into action. May is planting season for a variety of native plantings and other flowers, and being able to grow them well takes some strategy and effort on your behalf.

So if you are looking to plant a flower garden in your Geneva area home, there are some methods you should take into consideration in order to grow healthy flowers. This is a great way to turn your home into the ideal place for a stay-cation.

A Beautiful Flower Garden You Will Love

Turn the soil – Chances are your soil has sat and hardened over time. Most seed or bulb packages come with a recommendation for how deep to place the seeds, which can vary from flower to flower. Use a shovel or trowel to turn and soften the soil so your flower has a better chance to grow. 

Compost – There are many great resources out there on how to compost. There are many ways to improve the quality of the soil you use to create your flower beds – manure, broken down food or coffee grounds can all help.

Consider decorative objects – A stake holding a flower basket, or decorative yard art can do a lot to beautify your flower garden. These types of objects bring a unique quality to your creation. They are simple yet effective. Next time you are at a craft sale consider some yard or garden art.

Just add water – Spillway bowls, pondless waterfalls or bubbling urns can all add a beautiful touch to your flower garden and beautify your back yard. A water feature such as these can be the touch to make your flower garden great.

If you are looking for additional ways to create the perfect flower garden, it might be time to hire a professional landscaper. For help or additional ideas, contact a Geneva area landscaper today!