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Small Garden Ideas for your Backyard

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  • 2016

A few small garden ideas can help you take advantage of the small spaces.

Sometimes it’s not the large touches, like a backyard pond or larger garden that make the space in your backyard. Sometimes it’s what you do with the small spaces that can truly turn your Batavia area home’s exterior into a place you want to spend more time.

So how do you take advantage of those small spaces? Sometimes it can take more creativity. Sometimes it takes being able to see some potential in an area that you’ve passed by thousands of times and thought nothing of it.

Here are a few small garden ideas to get you thinking about the upcoming planting season:

Small corner of the yard – Do you have a small corner of the yard that largely goes unused? If it’s out of the way and still receives some good sunlight or shade, it might be an ideal place for a few small plantings. If it’s aesthetics you are after, you might want to consider some native plantings. If it’s a practical purpose you have in mind, it might be time to plant a few small vegetables.

Make use of your retaining wall – Do you have a retaining wall around the edges of your patio? That might be a good place to incorporate some planters and brighten up the exterior of your home. Fruit, vegetables or flowers can all be good suggestions in these kinds of locations, depending on what you are looking for.

Vertical Planter – A vertical planter might be just what is needed to liven up the exterior of your home. Herbs, or other small vegetables that don’t take up much space can be grown in a small, compact space. Making one would be a good project for a DIY’er, or they can be purchased at many hardware stores.

Get creative with containers – Do you have any unused garbage cans, buckets or even small tins? All of these can be used to create a small garden space that can give your patio a green look.

If you are looking for custom ideas for a garden space, contact a Batavia area professional landscape company today!