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Backyard Ideas for Landscaping Inspiration

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  • 2016

Implementing the right backyard ideas can turn your home into the place you want to spend your outdoor time. There are a wide variety of options when it comes to enhancing the atmosphere around your Aurora area home. Sometimes it takes some quality backyard ideas to bring out the true potential of your home.

7 Backyard Ideas to Spark Inspiration:

A Koi Pond With Surrounding Pondscape – Creating a beautiful pondscape can be a great way to enjoy your backyard. It easily sets it up as the type of place you will want to spend more time to enjoy the peace and tranquility. Koi ponds can be an opportunity to enjoy nature, and the fish and ecosystem that comes with them.

More landscaping and gardens – Many backyards can simply use more landscaping, and more natural flowers. Native plantings can be a great way to draw out the natural charm of your yard and your home, in an environmentally friendly way.

Consider a pergola – Pergolas provide shade while still giving an open feel. They can be a great way to enhance the atmosphere around your porch – where you’ll likely be spending the majority of your outdoor time at home.

Create a new vantage point – Do you have a pond or tree in your yard that you particularly enjoy spending time around? Maybe it’s time to put a bench near it so you can more comfortably enjoy it.

Container gardens – If you are limited by space, this can still be a way to enjoy the beauty of some natural plantings, or even grow food.

Water features – If you don’t want the maintenance or upkeep involved with a pond, a water feature might provide a simple answer for enhancing the look of your backyard. A pondless waterfall can offer a beautiful, peaceful backdrop to your garden. A bubbling urn, spillway bowl, or fountain can also be a great landscape addition to your garden. Any of your great backyard ideas can be enhanced with a water feature.

Landscape lighting – The right lighting around your patio, water features or landscaping not only serves a safety function, but can allow people to enjoy the most elegant aspects of your backyard into the evening hours.

Do you have other backyard ideas? If you are looking for some help developing ideas for your home, or with implementation, contact your local landscape company today.