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How Long Does it Take to Build a Paver Patio?

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  • 2015

The weather is warming up, and you’re ready to spend more time outside. You’ve decided to put in a paver patio and have​already computed the cost.

So now you’re wondering how soon you can enjoy your new patio.

As with cost, the length of time depends on a few key factors:

Are you installing it yourself?

If so, it will depend on both your own pace and how many friends you’ve been able to wrangle together to assist. You will also need to work on the design or find a design that suits your needs online. Hiring a company will usually take less time, as they will work on the design for you and have all of the needed materials, equipment and workers. Since they are accustomed to putting in patios, they can work on the patio at a faster pace than most DIY projects.

What is the size of your projected paver patio?

An 800 sq foot patio will, of course, take longer than a 300 sq foot patio, but it is also important to consider the shape of the patio and yard. An odd­shaped yard or heavily sloped yard will take longer to dig and fill the foundation. There are also other features that could add time to the project, such as…

What additional features are you adding to your patio?

Added amenities such as fire pits are great, but keep in mind that they will add time to your project.

For a basic 8×12 patio, plan to spend a couple weekends working on the project. You can spend the first weekend doing all of the measuring and prep work.  The second weekend will be spent laying your patio pavers and eating the job.

If you’re planning a patio larger than 8×12, plan a series of weekends. If you’re using a contractor, it will probably take them several days to complete your patio, again depending on the size and add­-ons, and will cost more money.

Whether you’re inviting the neighbors over to help install it or calling a skilled mason, you may be only weeks away from grilling out on your new paver patio!

If you have a question about your Yorkville patio project please let us know. We’re glad to answer any questions!