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Should I Seal My Paver Patio?

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  • 2015

Summer is almost here and you’ve spent time and money putting in a new brick paver patio, so you’re intent on taking care of it. If you’re not quite sure how to best protect your paver patio and are wondering whether you should seal it, then you’ve come to the right place.

If you’ve just recently put in your pavers, you have some time to think about it, as you really don’t want to seal your patio until about a year after it has been installed.

There are many benefits to sealing your paver patio

●  Sealants can give your patio a fresh, finished looked. You can choose either a matte or gloss finish, depending on the look you desire.

●  Sealing your patio will protect your pavers from the elements, spills, and stains as long as you wipe off the surface of your pavers as soon as the spill occurs.

●  Sealants help preserve your pavers’ natural color.

With all of these benefits, you may be wondering if there are any drawbacks to sealing your pavers. There are several factors you need to be aware of in sealing your patio, though the benefits of sealants make these challenges worth dealing with.

Here are a few things you will want to consider:

●  Once you begin sealing your patio, you must continue to do so. If you used a glossy sealant, you should re­do it every 2­-4 years, and if you’ve chosen a matte finish, you should re­seal every 2-­3 years. How often you seal your patio will also depend on foot traffic, climate and how well you clean and take care of your patio.

●  Sealing your patio will require time and money to do it well. Buying generic sealants will save money, but if it’s not a quality sealant it will not last as long and can also leave a white, cloudy film. Choosing a quality manufacturer is important even if it costs a little extra.

Considering these factors and taking care of your new paver patio will ensure that it stays in good condition for years to come. BLC Yardworks is here to answer any questions or to assist in maintaining your patio! Please call 630­-669-­4797 for more information or for a free estimate on sealing your pavers.

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