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Small Patio Ideas for Your Backyard Retreat

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  • 2020

Taking advantage of a few small patio ideas can make all the difference in creating the type of outdoor living area you will want to spend some time. If outdoor space is at a premium in your Yorkville area home, there are still plenty of ways that you can take advantage of limited space to create the optimal backyard retreat.

Below are a few small patio ideas to make optimal use of the space. Some may depend on how much room you have available.

6 Small Patio Ideas to Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Wall Seating – When you design your outdoor patio, one way to take advantage of a limited amount of space is to build a retaining wall that can double as a bench. That way the natural border on your patio can also be used for a very practical purpose, and there will be a maximum amount of seating for an otherwise small space.

Small table – A patio table does not need to be large and elaborate. With limited space, a small breakfast style table with a couple of chairs may do the trick.

Get Creative With Your Plantings – The right combination of outdoor containers and native plantings can give your patio a beautiful appearance, and make it feel larger than it likely is. You might also want to try a vertical planter to take advantage of wall space.

Experiment with Lighting – The right lighting does much more than make your patio usable during the nighttime hours. It can give a small space a more friendly and accommodating feel. Lighting can also make your small patio feel larger than it actually is.

Built in Fire Pit – If your patio is large enough, a built in fire pit can provide a nice central focal point, and a great purpose for the patio. Some seating around the fire pit can provide an efficient use of a small amount of space.

Non-pond water features – A bubbling urn, spillway bowl or pondless waterfall can all provide a beautiful enhancement within proximity of a small patio. You still get all of the aesthetic beauty in a smaller amount of space.

Custom ideas

Are you looking for ideas and ways to enhance your Yorkville area patio? A professional landscape company can help you with the ideas that will make your patio the type of place you want to spend time!

small patio
small patio