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How Much Does a Fire Pit Cost?

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  • 2015

The fall can be one of the most beautiful times of year, with the leaves turning a crisp, beautiful color before falling off the trees. There is a lot of scenic beauty, and the back yard can be one of the best places to enjoy it.

Sometimes the chilly temperatures can be a bit overwhelming, and one of the best ways to combat the temperature while enjoying the beauty of the fall season in the Yorkville area, is with a fire pit. Installing a fire pit can be a great way to prep your home for the ultimate stay-cation.

So, how much does a fire pit cost?

Like anything else, the answer to that can depend on the materials used, the size of the fire pit, and whether you decide to build it yourself, or hire a professional landscaper with experience to build it for you.

If your intent is to build a fire pit that can be enjoyed with your patio for years to come, having one built straight into the patio is probably the best way to go. You can easily use the same stone, brick or pavers and build the fire pit straight into the patio, for an elegant and functional appeal.

Anything built into the patio will typically start around a few thousand dollars, but will last and give your family a dependable source of enjoyment.

A high-end custom-built fire pit can cost more, while a portable model typically bought at a hardware store can be less than that. Again it depends on your intent and purposes, but a fire pit offers a great way to enjoy the Yorkville weather, for longer into the fall and winter.

For a fire pit that lasts, consider hiring a professional landscaper from the Yorkville area to give you a quality product that will last a long time into the future. Contact us today to find out more.