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What Unilock Paver Projects Are Right for My House?

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  • 2015

Maybe you just moved in, or maybe there are things about your house that you have always wanted to change. A new driveway, patio or other outdoor project may be the perfect way to enhance your outdoor living space.

If you are going to invest the time or money into this kind of landscaping project in the Naperville area, it is important to also make sure that you use dependable materials that will last. That is where Unilock pavers come into play. Here are a few creative ways to use them at your house:


Unilock pavers are dependable and sturdy. They can withstand the weight of heavy vehicles over time, making them an ideal driveway building material that will enhance the outdoor appearance of your home.

They also have a safe, non-slip surface making them ideal on those snowy Naperville winter mornings. They also don’t break down from oil or gas spills.

Front Walkways

Many of the features that make Unilock pavers ideal for driveways are the same features that make them ideal for front entrance walkways. They are easy to remove snow and ice from, and durable enough to withstand constant Naperville winter freeze-thaw cycles.

Unilock pavers are an excellent strategy for completing or augmenting the design and architectural features of your home.


Unilock pavers are an ideal building material for patios. They have an exceptional long term surface performance and a safe, non slip surface. The pavers can also be used to build several patio enhancements including planters, fire pits, retaining walls and more.

Prepping for that Stay-cation

Unilock pavers are the perfect building material for creating a home that is ready for that ideal stay-cation. They are ideal for creating the type of environment that you will want to relax, unwind and spend time with.

If you are looking for a Naperville area landscape company to help with your Unilock paver project, or to continue the conversation, contact us today.