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Annuals Vs Perennials – Which is Right For You?

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  • 2016

As you look at selecting the right flowers for your Yorkville area garden (annuals vs perennials), you need to take a look at what type of gardener you plan on being.

For instance, what kind of time will you have to devote to your outdoor gardens year after year? Are you more interested in the low maintenance aspect of gardening, or are you concerned with the overall appearance? These two factors can play heavily into the decision of selecting annuals vs perennials for your softscape needs.

The Advantages of Annuals

The lifespan of an annual flower is through one growing season. However, they produce more flowers and have longer bloom times than their counterparts. Since the lifespan of an annual is so short, it must try to produce as much offspring as possible, in that single growing season. In essence, an annual flower is attempting to make the most of its short lifespan, and the results to the homeowner for that single growing season can be extremely rewarding.

Petunias are one popular version of an annual flower. They produce a lot of flowers, stay blooming most of the growing season, and come in an enormous array of flowers. The University of Illinois Extension provides a detailed list of annual flowers suited for Illinois weather.

The Advantages of Perennials  

If you are going for less maintenance, perennials are likely the better choice. They only need to be planted once, and they live through more than one planting season. Black-eyed Susans are one example of a popular perennial flower, as they re-emerge every year, requiring less maintenance.

Perennials may not bloom as strongly in the spring, but they bloom strong in the summer months, and for at least some of the autumn months provided that the weather stays mild and cooperative. The University of Illinois Extension provides a list of perennial flowers suited for Illinois.

Annuals vs Perennials – Which are Right For You

Do you still have questions about the annuals vs perennials decision when it comes to planting your flowers? There may be specific native plantings well suited to your gardening space. It might be time to contact a professional landscaper who can clarify the issue and provide you with some ideas and inspiration for turning your backyard into the ideal place for a staycation.