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Improving Yard Drainage

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  • 2016

More than half of all homeowners are unlucky enough to have some type of water problem in their yard, according to this article from the Family Handyman. Improving yard drainage does not need to be an impossible task.

Water and drainage issues can sure become a problem in the Batavia area. Solving drainage issues can quickly become overwhelming – especially when they persist, and continue to come back.

Before you throw up the white flag and decide moving is your best bet, improving yard drainage is not a lost cause.

Improving Yard Drainage:

Residential drainage system – You have the option of creating a residential drainage system. This will allow water to move out of your yard and away from your house before it can do any damage on your property. There are multiple types of underground drainage systems, including French drains, drainage wells, and more. This is probably the most dependable, but also most intensive methods for improving yard drainage.

Build a Berm – Building up the soil around where you have the drainage issue can help redirect water. This can help keep water out of gardens or other specific areas of your lawn. A fair warning, however – redirecting the flow of water may not solve all of your problems. It is possible you would end up with drainage issues in other places.

Backyard Ponds – A backyard pond or other water feature can help you collect excess rainwater while also adding a beautiful feature to your backyard. Ponds are a natural way to fulfill this practical purpose.

Downspout placement – If your drainage issues occur close to the foundation of your home, you may need to be doing more with your downspouts to get water flowing away from your home. You may need to add extensions to keep water flowing away from your home. Another option would be to use rain barrels to collect excess rainwater off your downspouts, and use it for watering your lawn or garden in the future.

Drainage problems are common, and do not have to ruin your landscaping efforts, or worse, cause damage to your home. There are options to improve yard drainage, even for the most drastic cases – options that don’t include packing up and moving out of your home. If you need help with drainage relief or have any questions, contact us today!