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How Much Does a Retaining Wall Cost?

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  • 2015

Retaining wall can have a variety of purposes. They can be used to slow or prevent erosion. They can be used to create a flat surface of land along a sloping hill. They can also be used to create an attractive addition to your Naperville property, brightening up the backyard.

Some common building materials for retaining walls include poured concrete, brick, stone, pavers or even wood. The materials used, the size and dimensions of the wall, and some of the surrounding conditions (how big of slope, how easy is the ground to access?) can all factor into how much a retaining wall costs. Another factor that can drive cost is if the wall needs to curve.

You can save some money on building a retaining wall by doing it yourself, but you risk completing a landscaping project that will not be of professional quality. Building a retaining wall as a DIY project also involves a considerable amount of digging and heavy lifting, so it definitely requires being in good shape. A professional landscaper can help you complete a project that will be of value for many years to come.

Moisture is the enemy of a retaining wall. This is another reason to consider hiring a professional landscaper with retaining wall experience. If moisture sets into your retaining wall, and there is not adequate means for drainage, cracks can form, damaging the product, and shortening its life. Properly draining the wall needs to be taken into consideration during the building process in order to prevent future damage.

Take the time to consider the right material and size during the planning process. Sometimes spending a little more at the onset of the project can ensure that the wall will last longer, becoming a more solid investment.

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