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4 Backyard Landscape Design Ideas for Maximum Privacy

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  • 2018


backyard landscape ideas

backyard landscape ideas

Spending time in your backyard with friends and family in your Yorkville area home is something you look forward to all year. Creating a backyard landscape design with adequate privacy and a comfortable atmosphere can have a big impact on the enjoyment of your outdoor activities.

With more people enjoying “staycations” and relaxing at home, it becomes even more important to have your own private piece of paradise. Here are some landscape design ideas that will create maximum privacy and enjoyment in your backyard.

Solid Privacy Fences

A fence is a common solution for privacy in a backyard landscape design. A fence can provide a visual buffer between properties as well as provide maximum privacy and noise reduction. It is a good solution as well in a side yard, where privacy is essential, but space is limited. A solid board fence in wood or vinyl composite will provide the best privacy for your backyard. To make it look less harsh, you can add an open lattice or baluster top to the fence and a variety of plants and flowers at ground level.

Stone Walls

A stone wall will add maximum privacy and unique visual appeal to any style home. With a variety of materials to choose from including granite, marble, limestone, slate, stacked stone and flagstone, it’s easy to build a stone wall that complements the materials on your house, as well as your backyard landscape design. To reduce material and labor costs, construct a shorter stone wall, about four feet in height, then add a two-foot wooden lattice or fence to the top.

Green Screens

A green screen, or living wall of plants, is a great way to create a natural barrier between your backyard and your neighbor’s backyard. It can create a visual break, establish property boundaries, provide a buffer for noise and wind, hide unappealing views, soften the edges of hardscape walls and fences and create a sense of intimacy and privacy.


Planting deciduous shade trees is a good way to obscure a neighbor’s view from a second-story window or terrace. When planted near a property line or in the backyard, their large canopies provide privacy, as well as good shade in hot summer months. Deciduous plants usually lose their foliage in late fall and winter, so during these months, the trees’ bare branches allow the sun to shine brightly into the house for added light and warmth.
No matter the size of your backyard, you can maximize your privacy to enjoy your outdoor living space. By blocking the eyes of peering neighbors, you can spend comfortable, private time in your backyard all spring and summer long.

If you are looking for some help, contact a landscape expert to help you care for your pond today!