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Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

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Who wants an Outdoor Fire Pit? Your built in fire pit ideas are essentially limited only by your imagination. There are an unlimited number of ways to fit a fire pit into your outdoor Naperville area outdoor patio design, and make your patio more useful year round.

An Outdoor Fire Pit can allow you to utilize your patio even in the cold Illinois falls and winters. They offer an easy way to entertain family and friends into the evening hours, and can make your stay-cation more enticing. It can easily become the focal point of your outdoor landscape design.

Fire Pit Ideas

Outdoor Fire Pit You can use Unilock or Belgard pavers to build your fire pit in a central point of your patio. It’s a great way to give your patio a more distinguished look.

In Ground – There’s no rule stating that your fire pit has to be part of a patio. You can still use stone or brick to create a beautiful and elegant in ground fire pit. This is a great way to achieve a more rustic look and better utilize your yard.

Square Fire Pit – For a different look you can create a square fire pit. They offer a simple but elegant design, and an easy way to stay warm.

BBQ Grate – Many fire pits are the right size to fit a BBQ grate over the top. This gives a handy dual purpose, and allows you more room to cook the meat for your next BBQ. This fire pit idea can improve your ability to cook.

Brick, Stone or Metal – A variety of materials can be used to build your next fire pit. Brick, stone or metal might be some less common but strong and sturdy options for a built in fire pit.

Portable – If you’re on a budget or simply want to be able to move your pit around, this fire pit idea might be all you need. It doesn’t quite carry the same weight as a focal point of your landscaping, but it has some advantages.

Are you looking for the right fire pit idea to fit your Naperville area home? Contact a professional landscaper today!