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Lawn Maintenance


Providing for the lawn maintenance needs of both residential and commercial facilities, BLC Yard Works can ensure exceptional service and competitive pricing for the entire community.

With residential services starting at just $55 per week, you can have your lawn mowed by a fully trained and experienced professional, and count on a thorough job that surpasses your expectations.

Our lawn maintenance services don’t just stop at mowing, but also integrate a variety of specialized techniques that improve the health and aesthetic appeal of your lawn overall. These services include:

  • Lawn Aeration: This innovative process involves the use of specialized tools to remove small soil cores from the lawn. This process prevents the soil from compacting, improves rooting, and increases water, nutrient and oxygen movement through the soil.

  • Dethatching the Lawn: A process to eliminate built-up plant material between the grass roots and green growth.

  • Fertilization: This includes applying fertilizer to the lawn to give your grass and plants the nutrients they need to achieve a healthy, vibrant appeal.

  • Spring & Fall Clean Ups: This involves full removal of leaves and debris and complete restoration from other damaging effects of each season.
    If you want to give your lawn a whole new makeover, contact BLC Yard Works for quality service at a reasonable price.