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Take your shoes off and go barefoot on your soft and healthy lawn this summer.

At BLC Yard Works, our fertilizer is specially designed to add vital nutrients to your soil that can often be neglected by nature alone. Fertilizing your lawn is not only an effective way to keep the soil healthy and in good condition, but is also necessary for transferring these nutrients to the grass, trees, bushes and other living plants on your lawn. Knowing when and how to fertilize your lawn is not always obvious to those who don’t have experience and expertise in lawn maintenance.

Attempting to apply fertilizer without adequate experience can often result in negative consequences, including the possibility of killing your grass and other plants.

At BLC Yard Works, our team of professionals can offer you helpful information and advice regarding the appropriate fertilizer treatment for your lawn, so you can be sure your plants will receive proper nutrients for a longer lifespan and require less maintenance.

If you think your lawn might need a seasonal application of fertilizer our lawn care professionals would be happy to take a look and offer a professional opinion regarding the right approach for your unique situation.